Back to Basics Stretching, by Bowen Therapist Leanne Martin

Who has lower back pain, put your hands up!! Now, keep your hands up in you’re actively, constantly do stretches for this lower back pain (watching the hands go down……….)

Getting back to basics can do wonders for both your physical and mental health. In today’s society I'd say most people experience lower back aches at some stage throughout their life. Over the years even I myself have had backaches but I am lucky enough to have not only had treatment on hand but also some knowledge around what I need to do to relieve or even prevent it. So here are some stretches that I love and help when I feel like my body (and even mind) is all out of whack.

Whether your aches and pains occur from sitting in a chair all day, standing for work, long car drives, endless plane flights or postural imbalances many people don’t take the time to treat their muscles, or to stretch (Am I right?) A strong back, core and correct posture are all very important to your overall health………. at least in my opinion.

// KNEE ROCKS // Lying on your back, knees bent & feet flat on the floor, slowly rock your knees from side to side working towards a gentle stretch across your lower back. As you rock your knees back to the top & centre concentrate on drawing your stomach in to help support your spine –REPEAT 15 times each side


// SEAL POSE // Laying on your stomach, elbows by your side, gently lift torso/head up towards the ceiling as comfortably as you can, you will feel pinch in your lower back, again NO PAIN, hold this position for 10 – 30seconds then slowly lower back down to the floor – REPEAT if you like


//CHILDS POSE // Up on all fours (hands and knees) then slowly sit back on your heels as you do keep hands forward, head down & allow the spine to lengthen & stretch, hold position for 10 – 30 seconds then slowly come back up onto all fours – REPEAT if you like


// GLUTE STRETCH // Laying on your back, place the ankle of one leg over the thigh of opposite leg, pushing the knee away from the body to open up the hip. Bring your opposite leg up at 90 degree angle, keeping the ankle over the opposite knee, pull at the back of the leg for a Glute stretch. Hold for 15 - 30 seconds then REPEAT on other side.


Did this blog help you? Please let us know if it does and if you would like some individual advice or guidance around your own injuries and body please feel free to contact the clinic and book an appointment, we are always happy to help.

Love and Light,

Leanne xx