Grote Street Clinic Tour, by Ashton at SA Integrated Therapies

Welcome to our Grote Street Clinic....

Where the space is ever evolving into what we like to call an Allied Health Clinic that breaks all the the very best way! We are not your cliche` sterile, white waiting room with posters that make you think you have all kinds of diseases and problems...our clinic is warm, welcoming, interactive and fun!! Our treatment rooms are private, fresh and spacious so our therapists can demonstrate stretches, assess your posture and scribble funny quotes and pictures on the black boards.

I could go on about the amazing strength and conditioning gym facilities we have, the eco-friendly fittings or our cafe corner with a real barista style coffee machine....but by now I'm sure you can tell we are proud of the space we work in and love being here to help you!! This is what I believe to be the best part of our clinic, we all enjoy being here, working together as a team to achieve the best possible results for you, our clients!

So...without further ado...check out this video that our friend Sarah, from Brion Photography put together for captures just what SA Integrated Therapies is all about...and you can check out our awesome clinic and amazing team.

SA Integrated Therapies....a team of dedicated Allied Health Professionals, breaking the a good way!