Lacing for your runners, By Podiatrist Lachie Newcombe

There are hundreds of lacing styles for shoes... here are the top ones for running shoes in particular but they too can be used for everyday shoes.

Lock Lacing

Lock lacing is a technique that increases the stability and fit through the upper of the shoe around the heel and Achilles region. It is a nifty trick in those with a narrow heel or a wider forefoot who note slipping at the rear of the shoe. It is also an excellent technique in people who wear orthotic devices as it can improve the contour of the orthotic device to the foot and arch area.

Forefoot Volume Lacing   

Volume lacing is an excellent technique used in people who have a higher instep or a wider forefoot (front of foot). In people with a higher arched foot type, a common report is that of rubbing or irritation on the top of their foot on the upper of the shoe. Volume lacing is a good hack to trial that increases the depth of the upper at the arch high point whilst not sacrificing on fit and comfort through the rest of the shoe. 

Lateral support lacing to prevent black toenails

This is an excellent technique for those athletes who notice bruising on their first toenails. It often occurs in agility sports such as netball and tennis which involve a forceful stop-start motion and subsequent rubbing and pressure on the apex of the toes against the shoe. The lateral support lacing hack alters the pull of the laces by reducing pressure on the inside (medial) aspect of the shoe where the big toe sits. By doing this a redistribution of forces can occur reducing the pressure over the big toe and toenail. 

If you need any further help with lacing techniques and hacks please feel free to come in and see our Podiatrist Lachie who is an active runner himself. Book online at or 8221 6600

Happy walking or running!