Let's Get Running, by Podiatrist, Lachlan Newcombe


As the weather warms up, dust off the winter cobwebs on your running shoes and hit the streets to prepare for the spring running season.

Running injuries are very common. Any repetitive high force activity can cause problems and injuries. So how can they be prevented?

As the big runs of the spring session approach you may be tempted to really up your game and km's. However when training for a big event going too hard or a rapid increase in the training loads can become too much for your body, and it’s at this point where injuries can be more common.

Its easy to become frustrated with injuries and try to run through them or up the load because there is an event in a few weeks and you need to train. But you might just need to rest and try again next year.


Try these tips to improve your body’s ability to handle changes in activity and increases in training load.

-If you have a niggling pain that annoys you on a typical road training run, try breaking up your training sessions with running on a diffrent surface eg grass or gravel run.

-Instead of trying to run a long distance in one go, try doing it in 3 runs – you will still get the mileage, and protect your body.

-Try a new shoe or have a different set of runners for training. Our podiatrist can advise on the best pair of runners for your feet. With so many options it can be difficult to work out whats best for you.

-Cross training. Try riding a bike, swimming or an exercise class instead of that 4th run for a week. Variety is the spice of life.

-Always cool down after a run, finish with a few minutes walking or stretching, this is particularly important if you are running or exercising a few days in a row.


-Rolling your feet over a tennis ball.
-Foam rolling your legs.
-Deep Heat or flexall for muscle pain.
-Using second skin type dressings if you get blisters on longer runs.
-Try thicker socks or toe socks if you get blisters between your toes.

Happy running is our aim, if your running is unhappy make an appointment with our Podiatrist at



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And let's make running happy and fun again.

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