Top Tips on Summer-Ready Feet - Healthy & Beautiful Nails- By Podiatrist Lachlan Newcombe

Now that we have entered the month of February, I think it's fair to say that SUMMER IS HERE! And you know what that means? This week our focus is on keeping your nails healthy and beautiful! Exciting, right? So let's get started!

Watch out for discolouration

There are many reasons why a nail can become discoloured. For instance, a yellowish, white patch on the nail can be caused by a fungal infection or pressure damage from wearing tight shoes. Such discolouration is usually more common in the big toenails simply because of the fact that they are the biggest nail and are more prone to damage.

Fungal infection is one of those things that is a bit clingy and likes to hang around. If you suspect that you may have caught a fungal infection in your nails, it is best to consult a podiatrist to ensure that a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment is undertaken as soon as possible! Remember, early intervention is key. 

Black or grey discolouration is a sign of lack of oxygen to the nail. It usually happens following a trauma to the nail. In most cases, the nail may die off and become detached from the nail bed. Don't panic when it does because a new nail usually grows back! However, depending on the severity of the trauma, the extent of damage to the nail matrix determines the appearance of the new nail. As a result of that, the new nail that grows back may not look exactly the same as the previous one. 

Moisturise those cuticles

We have all had it - peeling, flaky cuticles that you just really, really want to peel off and push back. Please don't! Those cuticles actually act like a seal to stop water, bacteria and other nasty things from going into the nail fold. Without them, your nails and the surrounding skin fold have a much higher chance of getting an infection! So the best way to look after them is to put moisturiser on them regularly. This way the cuticle can grow back healthily and you will notice that the nails grow better as well!

Moderation is the key

We all love summer for a reason. We can show off those beautiful nail art! Choices are limitless and it's just simply fun! While nail polish can enhance the beauty of your nails, long term use often leads to weak, discoloured nails. Not only does nail polish stop the nails from breathing, the chemicals in it can also damage the nails. So what's the verdict? Moderation is the key. Make sure you schedule a few "days off" for your nails between each new application. If you start to notice a yellow stain on the nails, it is best to let the nails rest for at least a week before applying a new nail polish. 

So there you have it - our tips on keeping your nails healthy and beautiful this summer!

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