Working Single Mum’s, By Receptionist Vanessa

Working day before kids:  
1.     Wake up
2.    Cook a healthy and nutritious breakfast
3.    Sit down and enjoy eating it, with a hot cup of coffee
4.    Have a shower
5.    Get dressed
6.    Go to work

Working day with kids:

1.    Wake up to a child’s foot on your face at 4am
2.    Wake up again from your child’s cat (that they just had to have) meowing in your face at 4:30am just because it can
3.    Drag yourself out of bed, convincing yourself you had a great sleep
4.    Attempt to wake up your child
5.    Get ingredients out to cook a healthy nutritionist breakfast
6.    Remove the cover from child’s bed to wake them up
7.    Begin to make breakfast – but get told your child needs a pirate costume for school today
8.    Panic
9.    Raid the cupboards to try and find a ‘pirate like’ costume
10.    Tell your child to get dressed
11.    Tell then again to get dressed
12.    Tell them again with threats of taking away their I-Pad to get dressed
13.    Make the kids lunch with what you can scrounge up from the fridge – remembering you needed to go shopping last week – but haven’t had time yet
14.    Finally get into the car.
15.    Remove the bird from your car and remind your child that they can’t bring the pet bird to school ‘so she looks more like a real pirate’.
16.    Drop off your child to school and head to work - realizing you haven’t made lunch for yourself, brushed your hair or cleaned your teeth yet
But the funniest thing of all.... I LOVE being a Mum.  I love the craziness.