Your body is a its a dream home!! Treat it like one....

Too often we prioritise home improvements of the bricks and morter nature over maintaining our number one home....our body!! How often have you missed out on treatment with your Physio or Dentist because you would prefer to spend the cash on some material thing such as that new kettle that heats to the exact tempertaure you want or that hanging chair you saw online?!!! We are all guilty of it....Sometimes we need to be reminded of the amazing job our body gives us life!! It is our dream home for life and there is no moving out of this one so maintenance is key. 

From an Allied Health point of view it is recommended you see your Musculoskeletal therapist, Acupuncturist or Podiatrist (for example) every 4-6 weeks once you have reached a level of body maintenance. It is always recommended that you come in for a thorough assessment to identify a treatment plan specific to your body and its needs. You may need to attend to its maintenance a little more frequently to begin with and then appointments can be spaced out as the body holds in a healthy state. 

So next time you think a trip to Kmart for some new homewares or Bunnings for a new paint colour is more important than visiting your Myotherapist or booking a Bowen treatment...then think again.... How are you going to physically redecorate if your dream home (your body) is falling apart?