PRICE VIA ENQUIRY: Body Contour with Mid & Tail Lift

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PRICE VIA ENQUIRY: Body Contour with Mid & Tail Lift


The Firm.n.Fold Powerlift Body Contour with Mid & Tail Lift is a luxurious table built on the base of the Midlift model but incorporating the added benefit of a manual lift up tail section, greatly increasing your options when positioning a client and therefore the treatments able to be carried out. The efficient design ensures reliability and the whisper quiet motor smoothly raises and lowers the table in 30 seconds.

The adjustable head and armrest affords luxurious comfort and allows a patient’s shoulders to fully relax, whilst the heavy-duty steel frame offers stability and the lockable castors make moving the table effortless.

Electric massage tables ensure you're always working at the correct height (saving your back) and allow height changes throughout a treatment without disruption to your client. With a wider height adjustment range than portable tables they make access much easier for elderly and disabled clients.

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  • 15 year structural frame warranty (Aus & NZ)
  • 3 year motor warranty
  • 1 year foot pedal warranty
  • Smooth electric lift German Dewert actuator
  • Powerlift mid section raises to 150o angle
  • Manual backrest raises to 70o angle
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Easy to use foot pedals
  • Lockable wheels
  • Manually adjusted head and armrest moves up 35o and down 50o
  • Contoured shape deck
  • Extra thick seamless face cushion.


  • Lift Capacity: 195kg
  • Length: 196cm inc. headrest
  • Width Options: 68cm or 73cm
  • Height Range: 52cm to 97.5cm
  • Foam Cushioning: Triple Layer 70mm
  • Upholstery: Deluxe Soft Touch PU


  • Overhead Arm Wings: an alternative arm rest position providing better shoulder support and therapist access
  • Footrest Extension: adds up to an extra 30cm to the length of your table
  • Supine Headrest: replaces the face crest cushion when clients are in a supine position
  • Additional Foot Pedal: if you adjust your table multiple times during a treatment, save your legs and have a pedal on each side of the table.