SA Integrated Therapies now provides Physiotherapy, Strength and Conditioning services in the new Health and Performance gym. 
-          Pain and Injury Management
-          Manual Therapy
-          Rehabilitation
-          Mobility Enhancement
-          Corrective Exercise
-          Strength and Conditioning Training

Physiotherapy & Strength Training
Dave is a physiotherapist and exercise scientist with extensive experience in strength and conditioning training. He is offering a unique service combining manual therapy, corrective exercise and strength training.

The service aims to address any pain, injuries, dysfunction, mobility restrictions or strength deficits that may inhibit healthy movement or performance demands.    
Included is a complete orthopaedic and functional movement assessment.
Depending on the individual needs of each client, your treatment or training sessions may focus on pain management, rehabilitation, mobility or strength and conditioning.  
Education is also a major focus of the service. Dave, like the rest of the SA Integrated Therapies team, believe that clients are empowered through understanding their health and learning how to best manage their bodies when they step out of the clinic.