Traditional Chinese Medicine: Cupping


There are different types of cupping, each one has their own benefits. Two of the types we perform here at SAIT are:

Mobile cupping
 – this is where you glide the cups over the meridians with oil on the skin, like a massage. It feels amazing and gives you instant relief.

Regular, fixed cupping
 – which is where different sized cups are placed on the skin over acupuncture points and left to sit, usually for 5-10 minutes. Cupping

Heat is applied inside glass cups to create a vacuum, before placing them onto the skins surface. The pressure inside the cup is reduced and the skin and muscles inside are drawn up. We use specific acupuncture points and meridians usually along the back, the neck and shoulders. It feels incredible! You could say it is like a reverse massage, lifting everything up to separate all the layers; the skin, the fascia, the muscle and the nerves so blood can flow freely between them.

Cupping is great for:
·         Chronic pain and injury
·         Stiffness and muscles tension
·         Respiratory conditions
·         Common colds and flu
·         Digestion and bloating
·         Skin conditions
·         Relieving stress
·         Improving sleep
·         Relaxation

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