What is Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST)? 
MST is the assessment and treatment of the muscular and skeletal system and all their associated components: tendons, ligaments, nerves, cartilage, joint capsules, joints, etc.  MST assessment and treatment takes into account how all these components integrate and impact on one another.  A MST Therapist will identify and address the underlying causes of musculoskeletal conditions in order to provide long-term relief, as well as treat the symptoms to provide immediate relief.  A holistic, but systematic plan of assessment, treatment, exercise prescription and management will be implemented in order to get the best possible outcome for the client.

What sets SA Integrated Therapies MST Therapists a part form the rest?
It is one of those questions that is very hard to put into words…  it is not until a client sees, feels, and is educated that they will truly understand and know the difference.  For want of a better analogy…we are like 4D therapists that take into account many things about the body at a much greater depth and complexity to the normal MST therapist – seamlessly looking at how structural imbalances, joint and muscle dysfunctions, muscle firing sequences, fascia pathways, neural networks, internal organ functions and psychological factors affect one another.   We humans live in an amazingly complex, beautiful system that in many cases has dealt with year after year of internal and external neglect, trauma and imbalances.  We at SA Integrated Therapies will provide a systematic and logical assessment and treatment process that even a person with the most basic knowledge of the body will be able to understand and actively take part in.

Hands On Techniques Used:
·         Dry Needling
·         Mobilisation
·         Neuromuscular Muscle Release
·         Muscle Energy Technique
·         Deep Transverse Friction
·         Trigger Point Therapy
·         Stretching
·         Jones Points
·         Myofascial Cupping
·         Massage