Here at SAIT, we value you and your health which is why our Physiotherapists offer comprehensive one hour treatments. This gives you the opportunity to be thoroughly assessed, examined and treated with a high quality of care. Don’t worry though, if you have a busy schedule and don’t have an hour to spare there are 30 and 45 minute appointments to choose from as well!

Physiotherapy uses physical techniques to improve quality of life through reducing pain, improving movement and supporting your bodies natural healing.

Physiotherapy includes:
-          Pain and Injury Management
-          Manual Therapy
-          Rehabilitation
-          Mobility Enhancement
-          Corrective Exercise
-          Strength and Conditioning Training
-          Exercise Prescription

Physio aims to address any pain, injuries, dysfunction, mobility restrictions or strength deficits that may inhibit healthy movement or performance demands. Our initial consultations are generally one hour long, this includes a complete orthopaedic and functional movement assessment so that your treatment can be specifically tailored to you. Depending on the individual needs of each client, treatment may focus on pain management, rehabilitation, mobility or strength and conditioning.

Education is an integral part of healing, at SAIT, we believe that the key to longevity lies within the client. Part of what we do, is empower you through education, helping you understand your health and the incredible potential you hold to manage your body outside of the clinic so you can live your best life.

Check out our team page to find out more about your therapist, Justin Stone.