Yoga at SAIT

Why Yoga?
Practices like yoga can help guide and develop your mind and body awareness, allowing you to recognise and understand feelings or emotions such as happiness, anger, boredom and frustration without letting them affect or overwhelm you, leading to a more relaxed, less stressed state of mind. The body strength and flexibility that comes from partaking in regular yoga classes is extremely beneficial for long term chronic conditions, aging bodies as well as general well-being.
The benefits of yoga are numerous but here are a few to peak your curiosity:
•    Improved concentration
•    Stress reduction - and relaxation techniques that can be used in times of stress
•    Improved coordination and balance
•    Increased muscle strength and tone
•    Increased flexibility
•    Better awareness of the position and movement of the body (proprioception)
•    Better sleep
•    Yoga is also wonderful for us as we age...increased balance and coordination can help injury prevention as our bodies mature


Yin & Pin Classes

Monday and Wednesday 6:30 PM

What is ‘Yin’ Yoga?
Yin is a softer, more meditative style of yoga when compared to Vinyasa style classes. The poses in Yin are held for a longer period of time, aiming to release and enhance the chi flow (energy flow) through our connective tissue channels, which correspond to meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Following the Yin class, you will be guided through an extended Savasana, where acupuncture pins are applied following the meridians opened during the class.

Yin is the perfect compliment to our busy, constantly moving, Yang lives. Yin yoga can help train the mind and body to develop mindfulness, focus, patience and a calm stillness. This class is deeply nourishing, specifically designed by our yoga teacher and acupuncturists to stimulate tension relief and bring deep relief and restoration throughout the body.

If you need some epic relief throughout your body or just an excuse to rest and relax your body…this 90 minute class is the one for you.


Level 1 Beginner Flow

Friday 9:30 AM

Have you ever tired yoga? Are you intimidated by doing a class in a big yoga studio for fear of judgement? We keep our classes small and intimate to allow you the best possible learning environment from our wonderful instructor, Mariah Gates.

Our beginners yoga classes build the foundation of your yoga practice. Join Mariah for her beginner's slow flow classes in the SAIT Space on Friday mornings at 9:30 AM.

This class is great for those new to yoga, those who are returning to yoga after some time away, the young and nimble or the older community who want to increase flexibility and strength. During the class, you will be introduced to foundational yoga postures with a focus on alignment, breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, and yoga philosophy.

Due to the hands on nature of Yin and Pin, only a limited number of spaces are available. Using the “Book Now” button select group sessions and book your spot today.
As Yin & Pin classes are so small, if you have booked a spot, but can no longer make it, please give us as much notice as possible so we have time to contact people on the wait-list and provide them with the opportunity to try this beautiful class.

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